It is my eager expectation and hope that I will not be at all ashamed, but that with full courage now as always Christ will be honored in my body, whether by life or by death. For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.
Phil. 1:20-21


Cling to Me

why must you flee?
where am I going that you will not follow?
peace is never enough,
alone happiness is illusory
why can't you stay holding on to me?
where can you go to forget me?
Cling to me or die



Five Eight Two hundred
the man climbs the ladder
he looks down, sighs.
climbs on, till hand meets steel
hands move, heart beats,
never known his fear.

she stares, cold and sharp
across the stage, keyed.
notices her glance,
hands whirl, heart races.
she turns, glance back
climbs down, hands white.

he bends, tools free
turning, the stage empty
gone, like spotlights at dawn.
fleeing from his gaze,
darting glances, shivers
no feeling remains.

staring, stage blank,
dare he pursue?
turning, tools rise.
panting, kneeling, wondering
head twists, hands clasp,
not Man enough.



you do not know agony,
really feel sympathy,
know its intensity,
Love like security

who really reacts,
cold and collected,
when love comes,
Enter the scene

given a thought,
returned to void,
laughing if,
Nothing is wrong

where to go,
people talking,
hearts beating on,
Enter sanity.



Are you willing to wait?
Patient for your Rebekah?

Are you willing to stand?
Trusting your Savior?
Impatient and determined,
to dodge the Father's plan
When will you see?

The plan is set,
the path is laid
he has a plan
He knows her name

Are you willing to wait?
Patient for your Rebekah?

You know her name?
Really? Omniscient?
How do you know?
Isaac, really?
He knows her name


A Once-Dark Hallelujah

Will the darkness never shift?
Will the light be ever scarce?
When dawn will break, I haven't heard,
but soon, or else I break in two

Alone I hear a troubled voice,
whisper in my hear,
All hope escapes,
when light grows dim,
and grace begins to fade.
Don't look upon the tree of shame,
you'll only feel less free.
Look in upon your own
desires, and make a way for me.

I feel the burn of this one's lies,
I can not lift a hand, till voice rings out
upon the night and breaks this demon's sway.
Clinging to soft spoken phrase...

Man of Sorrows! what a name
For the Son of God, who came
Ruined sinners to reclaim.
Hallelujah! What a Savior!

Then darkness deigns on its way,
as light begins to gleam
horizon glows with glory spent
as I begin to sing

Bearing shame and scoffing rude,
In my place condemned He stood;
Sealed my pardon with His blood.
Hallelujah! What a Savior!

Now indeed the darkness seems,
distant and retreating
in pain and sorrow, we proclaim
the name of glorious King
and as my joy begins to sing,
I can not help but stand
returning now through pain and joy
to sing of my great King

When He comes, our glorious King,
All His ransomed home to bring,
Then anew this song we’ll sing:
Hallelujah! What a Savior!


Trusting ___

[Not necessarily finished, just a rant]

I'm sick and tired of pretending my life is ok.
I'm sick and tired of defending my actions to myself.
I'm sick and tired of my own fake smiles and laughs.

People ask me "how's it going?"
As if they want to know...
Who really wants to hear me say,
I'm failing, and losing and crying?

When your dreams are put on hold,
your life is falling apart,
you're supposed to trust God.
I wish I did.

I hear a tune rush through my head,
its words comfort till they say
"I am happy, all the day"

Cause you see, at the cross
where my savior died,
my sins were washed away.
And yet, in grace, I still see death
I can not seem to be happy
in any way.

But day will dawn, hope is found
If not in the likely place
for friends will stand,
and help me up
by God's grace,
they'll see me through.


Now - Not Yet

Tension reigns in hearts that beat
Young men wonder at their thoughts
Bended knees and broken chains
Growing up is hard to do.